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put.io adder

Put.io adder (for OS X)

put.io adder is a small, open source put.io client for OS X, that registers as new handler for magnet URI schemes, so that every time you click on a manget link, it'll automatically add it to your put.io download queue. Besides that, it also uploads .torrent files to put.io, and adds them to the queue, whenever you choose to open them with the app.
UNESCO Andorra

UNESCO Andorra

I made a custom blog for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Andorra, which allowed them to publish articles and photos on their website. Unfortunately, it's no longer available since they converted their whole site to Wordpress.

Promeo Inmbobiliaria S.L.

Website and iPhone app I made for a real estate agency in Peñiscola. Both are available in five languages, and include filter based search functionality. The iPhone app sends out instant push-notifications when a property is marked as sold, or just dropped the price.
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M.I.A. iPhone App

M.I.A. iPhone App

iPhone app for the British singer M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam). It gathers data from different sources, such as her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc... and puts it all in one timeline for easy browsing. It also sends out instant push-notifications every time a new concert is announced in your country, and it let's you check upcoming shows, and preview her albums.
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Isabe Oelgart

Isabe Oelgart Feuerwehrfahrzeuge

Website and iPhone/iPad app I made for Isabe Oelgart Feuerwehrfahrzeuge, a company dedicated to selling second hand firetrucks, and fire fighting vehicles. The iOS app sends out instant push-notifications whenever there's a new vehicle available.
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Website I made for a German company dedicated to selling "Tuckerboots" (boats). The site is available in four languages.


Randomsig is a website I created, that allows users to create their own signature images, that change with every page load. After creating a "signature" or album, you can upload multiple images to it, and these images will rotate randomly when embedded on a website. There are currenly over 8500 registered users.

My contributions to social coding, on GitHub.

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OS X put.io client that acts as handler for magnet: links and .torrent files, and adds them to your pu...
168 22 Objective-C


PHP Rule Engine - Parses & Evaluates JavaScript-like expressions
64 9 PHP


Hackintosh startup boot "Chime" sound via LaunchDaemon
37 5 Objective-C


PHP OAuth API wrapper for put.io (putio)
16 7 PHP


OWASP Application Security Verification Standard 4.0 Checklist
6 3 PHP


A fork of php-gpg.
4 3 PHP


Symfony Rule Engine Bundle - Parses & Evaluates Rules Written in a JavaScript-like Syntax
3 0 PHP


Bitcoin ticker for the OS X status bar.
2 1 Objective-C


RedSys Error Descriptions
2 2 PHP


Check a site's security headers
2 0 PHP


Small and powerful put.io API class written in PHP. (DEPRECATED: Use v2)
1 0 PHP


API wrapper for TM4B, written in PHP. Allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones from your websi...
1 0 PHP


Orik is a modular script management system that can be run from anywhere.
0 1 Shell


The PHP Interpreter
0 0 C


Vulcan Logic Dumper
0 0 C


:elephant: SonarPHP: PHP static analyzer for SonarQube & SonarLint
0 0 Java


PHP runtime & extensions header files for PhpStorm
0 0 PHP


The www.php.net site
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Experimental Git mirror of the English PHP documentation repository. Accepts pull requests. May be for...
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PHP polyfills
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